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Be Careful With So Called "Tax Strategists"

Be Careful With So Called "Tax Strategists"

| May 22, 2019

You will ultimately be the one held responsible by the IRS for any mistakes or omissions on your tax reporting.

Therefore, be very careful on who does your taxes and especially skeptical of the claims of so called, “Tax Strategists!”.

While there are some with legitimate education and training, there are many who just took a one or two weeks course offered by some marketing company and therefore now honestly believe they are tax experts of the approximate 73,954 page U.S. Tax Code. After all, they did walk out of the training with their certification and a reassurance from the instructor that the training received was all they needed.

Ultimately, if they aren’t really as knowledgeable as they believe they are, YOU will be the one held punitively and even Criminally responsible by the IRS for any errors and or omissions made.

Our tax services are provided by Tax Attorney Christopher D. Alas, J.D., LL.M. not only Certified in Tax Law, but who also holds a Post Doctoral Degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Tax Law and licensed to practice Law by the State of Florida Bar Association and Tax Law by IRS Federal Tax Courts.

Having a Tax Attorney handle all your tax issues doesn’t only give you the benefits of vast actual tax knowledge, but also “Attorney Client Privilege”, pertaining to all your tax information and discussions.

Remember, knowledge is power and ignorance is not an acceptable defense before the IRS!