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Our History

​GEFS Insurance & Investments was originally founded in 1997 to provide Law Enforcement Officers, Fire Fighters, Teachers and other branches of Government Employees with insurance and investment services. In 2005 we expanded our insurance and investment services to the general public, but never forgetting our deep rooted beginnings.

GEFS Insurance & Tax Services has a staff of Insurance and Investment Professionals, which specialize in Asset Protection in both, Personal and Business lines of insurances as well as Pension Maximization and Pension Continuation Planning with all Federal, State and Municipal Pension systems.

Unlike many other Insurance and Investment Professionals, ours are not captive employees of any one investment or insurance company. Therefore not limited by product line nor told by corporate interests as to where to direct the hard worked dollars of our clients; instead they have every insurance product and investment tool available in the market to best accomplish the investment goal and secure the financial present and future of our clients.

Our Commitment

Whether you are experienced in the world of insurance and financial matters or are just starting to build your portfolio, GEFS Insurance & Tax Services can help you both protect and grow your financial assets.

Our Principle

Insurance, financial along with tax matters and the constant changes involved can be daunting. In addition to protecting and helping you grow your assets, the experienced staff at GEFS Insurance & Tax Services aims to provide a continued education process that will strengthen our working relationship.